What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?


  • Enhances balance, co-ordination and agility 

  • Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely 

  • Challenges the mind and body to courageously reach new goals 

  • Builds strength, flexibility and power 

  • Is the perfect team based sport for people of all ages and abilities

Acrobatic Gymnastics is an expressive, dynamic and spectacular sport for girls and boys, men and women; combining power and poise, with grace and beauty. This dynamic and spirited sport builds confidence and camaraderie among participants.

Our GFA Acrobatics class is a perfect starting point in this discipline. Suitable for beginners and those with some background in gymnastics/acro this class will look at the basics of acrobatics and provides the starting point to some of our competition squads. 


Mondays and Thursdays 5.15pm-6.15pm (TERM TIME ONLY)

£20.50 per month - please note the costs are spread throughout a 12 month period and therefore take into account times when the sessions are not running.

All levels welcome

Aged 7+

Limited spaces

To book your place or to join the waiting list please click below 

All photos by Jack Ford Photography