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Foundation development

Our Foundation development are a gymnasts first step towards becoming a competitive acrobat or tumbler. They are by invite and trial only and are targeted at gymnasts who show potential to follow a competitive route in either Acrobatics or Tumbling in the future. There are entry level requirements for the squads. Gymnasts will need to be able to demonstrate good gymnastics shapes and have good under pinning strength and flexibility.


Regular assessments are made to ensure gymnasts are progressing at the right rate for the squads. If they meet all the targets, they will then be moved into our main competitive structures if they reach the requirements.

We have 3 Foundation development levels starting with level 1 (4-7 years) training 1 x 1 hour 15 minute per week. Foundation level 2 gymnasts 6-8yrs), train 2 days per week and 2.75 hours per week and Foundation 3 train 2-3 days per week and 3-4.5 hours (6-9 yrs).

Gymnasts for these squads will be identified from the centres recreational classes that take place weekly. You must already be attending one of the recreational classes to be considered for these squads.

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