Club Kit

We have a range of training and competition kit that can be ordered by following the information below. We also have a range on items on sale in our club shop at The Base.

All competition squad gymnasts are expected as a minimum to purchase the club tracksuit, club training and competition leotards. This can be ordered from the following links:-

Tracksuits, Hoodies, Polo’s

For club tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts and jumpers please download an order form (below) and return along with cash or cheque to one of the coaches. All of our kit is custom made and turn around time is between 6-8 weeks. Please view the size chart carefully before placing your order

LAGC kit order form

Kit size chart





For club training and competition leotards, they can be ordered all year from the following links, please enter the correct password to access the design and page:-

Girls LAGC Club training Leotard


Protected: Art 6000 No Sleeve Training Leotard (LAGC)

LAGC Boys training leotard – Password ‘LAGCBOYSTRAIN’

Protected: Art 6002 Boys Leotard and Shorts (LAGC)

LAGC Girls Competition leotards

Club members have a choice of competition leotards, either a no sleeved version or a newer (2018) Long sleeved option. Please ensure you check with your acro partners/coach which one you will be wearing!

LAGC No Sleeved Competition Leotard: Password: ‘LAGCNSCOMP’

Protected: Art 6003 No Sleeve Competition Leotard (LAGC)

LAGC Girls Long sleeved Competition Leotard- ‘LAGCLSCOMP’

Protected: Art 6004 LAGC Long Sleeve Competition Leotard

LAGC Boys Competition Leotard – Password ‘LAGCBOYSCOMP’

Protected: Art 6005 Boys Short Sleeve Competition Leotard (LAGC)

Please carefully check the size guides on the manufacturers websites to ensure you order the right size, the club will not be able to exchange any wrong sizes. Please ensure competition attire is ordered in plenty of time before a competition (at least 8 weeks before), and it is members responsibility to sort this not the club coaches.


Protected: Art 6006 Boys Black Stirrups with Yellow Stripe (LAGC)



We are happy to help you sell any second hand club kit. If you wish to do this please speak to a coach and we will add to our hanger rail, we will only ask for a small donation of 20% of any sales made. If any members are happy to donate any second hand kit back to the club this would also be very much appreciated.